St. Thomas Night Shore Fishing Tour

St. Thomas Night Fishing Tour

St. Thomas Night Fishing (from Shore) Has Never Been More Exciting!


Duration: 4 hours



Price: $89 per person


A Highly Rated Thing to Do in St. Thomas is Shore Fishing at Night
Whether Big or Small, You Will Have a Blast Night Fishing in St. Thomas!

An evening shore fishing excursion is the easiest and most affordable way to get a line in the water and enjoy some incredible night fishing in St. Thomas.  Tarpon, barracuda, bonefish, snapper, shark and others are within our casting range on any given night.

This pleasant and relaxing night of shore fishing is for all ages and fishing levels. Our night of fishing begins just before sundown and lasts for 4 hours during the prime feeding time for fish. As darkness descends we attach small bells to the tip of each fishing pole and hopefully hear their jingle over and over – and over again. There is nothing more thrilling than the having the sounds of the Caribbean Sea being interrupted by a ringing bell.

The St. Thomas Night Fishing Tour Includes –

  • all fishing gear and tackle
  • cut bait
  • chairs
  • fishing pole holders
  • flashlights
  • water and soft drinks (beer upon request)

Transportation is not included but can be arranged. All St. Thomas shore fishing locations are within 15 minutes of most resorts and convenient for taxis or rental cars.

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What to Expect When Night Shore Fishing –

If you Don't Know What to Do in St. Thomas, Try Shore Fishing
A St. Thomas Shore Fishing Experience Like No Other

Depending on beach, surf and fishing conditions in St. Thomas, the shore location is subject to change.  The default beach is Magens Bay.  If you have a rental car, please either consult with the hotel concierge for exact directions or call us.  If you are staying at a villa please contact us and we will provide turn by turn directions to the beach.

If you are staying at a resort and not renting a car, make sure the taxi driver knows to pick you back up at the beach at about 10:00 pm.

When you arrive at the shore fishing location, your guide will already have everything set up and ready to go.  After a short introduction on the finer details of surf fishing, lines will be cast.  We like to have the lines in the water by 6 pm, so try to arrive 15 minutes early.

The sun goes down in St. Thomas during the 6 o’clock hour with only the stars and moon for light thereafter, but there are plenty of head lamps, flashlights and lanterns on hand if needed.

When casting, the best practice is to wade out into the surf to your waist and cast.  If you don’t feel like getting wet you can either cast from shore or have your guide cast for you.  Various cut baits are used and your guide is happy to bait your hook if you want to just sit, relax and wait for the fish to bite.

Each person gets a fishing rod, a chair and a sand spike to hold their rod.  Most beach fishing locations have restrooms if necessary.   A cooler of beer and water is provided.  If you plan on having more than 3 beers, feel free to bring more!

If you or your group is searching for things to do on St. Thomas, this night fishing tour might be what you are looking for.  We take out couples, fishing novices, wedding parties, families & avid anglers.  This St. Thomas fishing tour is one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy an evening under the stars while also fishing for some of the monsters of the deep.

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Night Fishing from shore in the Caribbean Sea or Atlantic Ocean (the waters on the Northside of the Island are the Atlantic Ocean and the waters on the Southside are the Caribbean Sea) offers incredible excitement and variety.  Magens Bay on the Northside is a sheltered bay with typically calm waters.  Wading out past your waist is easy and typically means you get your bait out 50-75 feet further than if casting from shore.  Lindbergh Bay, on the Southside of the Island, can get rough on occasion, but it has been the host of some great nights of shore fishing.

We use 7 and 8 foot rods with moderately strong tackle.  All of our fishing rods are spin cast.  If you have your own fishing gear, please feel free to bring it!  Also, if you absolutely must and want to use some topwater fishing lures, we have an assortment available.

We practice catch and release, but if you are staying on-island and are dying to cook up your fish, you are free to take it with you but aren’t permitted to clean the fish at the beach.  Also, there are fishing seasons and size restrictions for some fish, so keeping your catch may not be permitted if it violates any of the local fishing regulations.

To date, our night fishermen have routinely caught bonefish, snapper, lemon shark & barracuda from shore.  We typically stick to one spot on the beach, but anglers are free to move along the shore if they like.  This is not highly-skilled fishing, but it can be some of the most exciting.  This is fishing where we get the bait out there and wait.  But the waiting is the best part as it’s just a prelude to some great shore fishing action!

Come catch some fish with us!