St. Thomas Kayak & Snorkeling Adventure Tour

St. Thomas Kayak, Hiking and Snorkel Tour


Duration: 3.5 hours

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Price: $95


This St. Thomas Adventure Tour Combines Kayaking, Snorkeling, Hiking & History

If you are an adventurer looking for things to do in St. Thomas, look no further. This is a truly unique kayaking experience on St. Thomas.

st. thomas kayak and snorkel adventure excursion
Kayak and Snorkel Tour through a Remote Part of St. Thomas


  • Kayak in the most remote waters on St. Thomas
  • Walk & explore unspoiled and secret slave-era ruins that are centuries old
  • Snorkel and see beautiful underwater landscapes seldom seen by humans

*This tour is recommended for the physically fit and those over the age of 16. Shoes or rugged-soled sandals required.

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The Kayak & Snorkel Tour Includes –

Guided 3.5 hour kayak tour. The entire kayak excursion lasts 3.5 hours

All gear – kayak, life jacket/snorkel vest, snorkel, mask, and fins will be provided.

Light snacks and water. Feel free to bring additional snacks and beverages.

Transportation is not included but I am happy to arrange pick up and drop off service for you. Brewers beach – where we launch – is a 30 minutes or less drive from most locations on island.

What to Expect on Your St. Thomas Kayak Adventure Tour –

We will begin our kayak and snorkeling excursion at Brewers Bay (just past the airport) where we launch our ocean kayaks and paddle west along the pristine and untouched southwest shore of St. Thomas.

This is a true adventure tour which means we are leaving the jewelry and souvenir shops of bustling St. Thomas far behind. We will paddle our kayaks along rock cliffs, beautiful rock faces and over coral heads that are only a few feet below the water. The water is a lovely green and some of the clearest on St. Thomas. Our destination will be Perseverance Bay, the only completely undeveloped estate on the island. We will pull our kayaks up on its rocky bank and head inland on an approximately 40-minute hike.

Our hike will take us into the richest and most virgin fauna on St. Thomas. As we head inland on this almost entirely flat hike we may see all manner of wildlife- ducks, land crabs, hermit crabs, fiddler crabs, various bird species unique to the island and white-tail deer.

st. thomas kayak and snorkeling adventure tour
Explore Centuries Old St. Thomas Sugar Mill Ruins on Your Hike

After hiking in-land for a short while we will come upon a stunning and eerily beautiful sight. Springing up from the ground are the ruins of a slave-era sugar mill. Over the many decades since it was abandoned, the forest has slowly reclaimed parts of it, but much of it remains. The sugar mill is a historic masterpiece which has been completely forgotten by the people of St. Thomas.  We will explore much of the ruins and there will be many opportunities to take pictures.

After hiking back to our kayaks, we will paddle a short distance to a small inlet where we will beach our kayaks. We will dive into the clear Caribbean water and go snorkeling on some seldom seen coral formations. After snorkeling we will take a water and snack break before we begin our journey back to Brewers Bay.

Make sure this tour is on your list of things to do while you’re here in St. Thomas and experience the only true kayak and snorkeling adventure tour on St. Thomas!

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Hiking into the Unknown St. Thomas

Our first stop after kayaking out west is a coral-lined shore in Perseverance Bay.  A 10-minute walk along the coral shore (this is the main reason why rugged sandals or shoes are required) and we then head into the woods.

Most tours in St. Thomas take you to places that are well worn and over exposed to hundreds and hundreds of tourists every week.  This adventure tour is not such a tour.  When we head inland we walk a path that no more than a few dozen or so walk in a month.  The trail on this tour is known only to a few locals.  The trail is barely marked, and sometimes, after a big rain, I have lost sight of the path!

The hiking is by far the most leisurely part of this kayak/snorkeling adventure tour.  The hike is entirely flat and will not pose a challenge.  There are occasionally large spiders, called golden orbs which obstruct our path, but because I’m leading the group, they typically fall on me.

After about 15 minutes of hiking we arrive at the ruins.  I feel like Indiana Jones every time I see them.  They have to be seen to be appreciated.  We spend as much time as you want exploring the ruins before heading back to the kayaks.  Little is known about the ruins, in fact, no records of the demise of the sugar mill plantation are known to exist.  This is the most mysterious and undocumented site on St. Thomas.

The ruins are a great location for picture taking.  Due to the rugged location of the ruins and their age, extreme caution must be used while exploring the ruins as its easy to lose footing.

What You’ll See While Snorkeling

After beaching our kayaks on a rocky shore, we will don snorkel vests, masks and snorkels and head into the clear green water.  Almost immediately off shore are some great snorkeling opportunities.  Instead of reefs, most of the snorkeling sights are small coral beds growing on boulders.  Sea urchins, conch, sea fans, elkhorn coral, all sorts of anemone and plenty of reef fish.

A short swim takes us to larger rock formations which are incredible to see underwater.  If you have an underwater camera, this is the place to use it.  What makes this snorkeling experience especially unique is that the waters are pristine and still unspoiled by heavy traffic.

St. Thomas water is perfect for snorkeling not only because it is clear but it stays in the high 70s to low 80s range.  No wetsuit is provided and is not typically needed.  If you would like a wetsuit, please notify us a week before your adventure tour so that we can have one available for you.

If this is your first time snorkeling or if you have limited snorkeling experience, please let your guide know in advance so that he or she may give you proper instruction.  Snorkel vests are required to be worn at all times during our swim.

Open Water Kayaking is Thrilling

We never venture more than a few hundred yards from shore while kayaking but the waters we are kayaking in are not sheltered from deep water currents.  If the wind kicks up, the kayaking can get a little rough.  That is one of the reasons life jackets must be worn at all times.  This is also the reason why this tour is only for the true adventurer.

And I promise, that on a rough day, you will have earned your stripes on this adventure tour and will have also earned a stiff rum drink at your resort or ship.

Aside from the challenging kayaking, the best part about being in these waters are the incredible views.  We will paddle past beautiful rock faces, see distant islands and cross above incredible coral just feet below our kayaks.  No other kayak adventure tour on St. Thomas will bring you so close to the unaltered beauty of the island and its waters.

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