St. Thomas Kayak Fishing

St. Thomas Kayak Fishing Tour

Duration: 4-5 hours

Price: $175

A St. Thomas Kayak Fishing Tour is a Great Thing to do on St. Thomas
A Day of Fun & Catching Fish in St. Thomas

A morning or night kayak fishing excursion in St. Thomas is the ultimate sport fishing adventure.

Fishing in St. Thomas is not just about charter boats anymore.

In small groups or private tours, you will be equipped with a kayak ready for big game fishing inshore.

One of the beauties of a kayak fishing excursion is the kayak’s ability to access lagoons, cays and inlets that boats and shore fisherman can’t. And we will be fishing those areas for some big fish.

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Kayak Fishing in St. Thomas is One of the Best Things to Do in St. Thomas
Kayak Fishing in St. Thomas at Sunrise


Arrive at the launch area (for morning fishing we typically meet at 4 am, for night fishing we meet at 5 pm although times are flexible) where your fishing kayak will be outfitted and a brief introduction given.

We will launch the kayaks and begin paddling to several different fishing hot spots. While paddling we will be trolling with lines in the water.  Depending on weather and water conditions we will be fishing for any of the following fish: tarpon, snapper, barracuda, kingfish and many more.


Each fishing kayak is equipped with 3-4 rods, 1-2 rods for trolling while we paddle from spot to spot.  The additional rods are rigged and ready to go so that as little time as possible is wasted on changing tackle when we are anchored or drifting.

A tackle box and bait box are included which includes cut bait and various lures and terminal tackle.

We will be fishing in water between 20-60 feet deep. Each kayak has an anchor. The kayaks fleet is made up of kayaks between 13-16 foot which makes for a very steady and stable ride for 1-2 anglers.


The tour lasts approximately 5 hours.


This St. Thomas kayak fishing tour is for guests ages 13 and over and it is recommended guests have some level of physical fitness. Kayak fishing is for anglers of all skill levels.

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There are so many things to do in St. Thomas, but this tour is sure to thrill and leave you with wonderful memories of your St. Thomas vacation.