If you are traveling to St. Thomas or St. John, don’t miss out on one of the most exciting activities in the Virgin Islands.  Big Game Fishing.

You don’t have to be an experienced fisherman to go hunting for some of the best game fish found anywhere in the world. Hook up with a 500 lb marlin, a 50 lb tarpon, shark or snapper.

Charter Boat Fishing

Arrive at the dock and climb aboard one of the many boat charters and you will speed to either the North or South Drop where the best action is. Most of the charter boats provide a worry-free day of fishing which includes drinks and snacks. You usually need to pack your own lunch.

Marlin Fishing in St. Thomas

Fishing for Marlin near St. Thomas

If you are on a marlin trip, it is a waiting game as you troll and wait for one of these monsters to attack the line. If you are fortunate enough to hook up with one, get ready for the fight of your fishing life. Our marlin can weigh up to 800 lbs! The best time to fish for marlin is May-October. Moon cycles affect marlin activity with a week before and a few days after being the most active marlin fishing.

Marlin isn’t the only game in town though. Mahi-mahi, yellowfin tuna and wahoo are also plentiful.

Fishing charters in St. Thomas and St. John offer many different trip options. All of the boats charge by the charter. Which means that it is a fixed rate for the charter regardless of the number of people fishing. Rates can range from $600 for a half day to $1400 for a full day. Most boats have a 6 passenger limit.

Inshore Fishing

St. Thomas Fishing Charter

St. Thomas Fishing Charter

For those not interested in the 20+ mile hike to the North Drop there are options closer to shore. Inshore fishing means you typically only have a short trek before getting lines in the water. Also, there is the benefit of getting to see the beauty of St. Thomas and St. John from the water.

There are a few charter boats that offer inshore fishing. The rates are similar to the deep sea fishing charters but you get to spend more time fishing when staying inshore.



St. Thomas Kayak Fishing

Inshore Kayak Fishing in St. Thomas

Another option other than chartering a fishing boat is kayak fishing. Kayak fishing is one of the newest and most exciting developments to happen to fishing in a long time.

A properly outfitted kayak has a fish finder, rod holders, trolling rods and side mounted cameras to film footage of your big catch!  A kayak allows fisherman to access spots where the big fish hang out and where boats can’t reach.  It is also one of the most thrilling ways to hook on with a fish, just inches from the water.

St. Thomas now offers kayak fishing for both seasoned and novice fisherman alike.  Kayak fishing tours are usually limited to groups no bigger than 2 or 3 fisherman.  Rates start at $175 and most tours last 4-5 hours.

If you are in St. John, go flyfishing for bonefish.  Bonefish, pound for pound, are one of the strongest and most aggressive fish to catch.

Staying close to shore does not mean big fish aren’t nearby.  You target fish that can weigh 80+lbs including: barracuda, snapper, yellowtail, tarpon and kingfish.

Shore Fishing

Surrounding the Virgin Islands are some of the most explosive fish in the world and are within reach for both young and old, the experienced and newbies alike!  Keep your toes in the sand and have a line in the water…and for a fraction of the cost of other options.

Fishing from one of St. Thomas’ beautiful beaches can yield some serious game fish.  Tarpon, shark, barracuda and snapper are just a cast away from the shore.  Try a night fishing tour for the best chance at some of these big fish.  For a 3 hour tour that includes all bait and tackle along with drinks costs $89.

For the simplest and most affordable fishing option, there is a waterfront fishing excursion that is for 2 hours.  Great for children of all ages, cast a line into the waters of Charlotte Amalie Harbor and take a shot at over a dozen fish species.  Adults cost $25 and children $20.

There are so many things to do in St. Thomas and St. John that it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the options.  But if you have traveled all the way to the Virgin Islands you should try one of the most leisurely yet thrilling activities the islands have to offer.  Fishing in St. Thomas and St. John is something all ages can try and promises to be a memorable vacation experience.