Why Our St. Thomas Excursion and Tour Company Is Famous (or should be)

On a typical cruise day, 6,000 travelers arrive in St. Thomas.

4,500 will get off the ship.

3,000 will take a tour or excursion of some sort.

Maximum number of people that get to experience a St. Thomas Adventure Excursion? 20

“Be one of the 0.3% that escape the crowds and experience the islands like few others can.”


3 Reasons to Book a St. Thomas Excursion with Us

1. Unique and authentic island experiences

2. Unsurpassed professionalism of our tour guides

3. Unconditional money back guarantee if we don’t deliver as promised


Island Adventures Are What We Do
We Bet You’ll Enjoy Yourself
Come Along and Have Fun


Island Mike’s Tale

Hello.  I’m Island Mike.  And I love guiding tours and excursions.

I used to report to a cubicle city every day.  I and dozens of others packed into a big room with only those tiny walls to separate us.  My life was confined to a 4×6 square.  Other than a calendar and a picture of my wife, I had nothing to look at but charts and graphs.

Yet right outside my office window was Charlotte Amalie Harbor in St. Thomas.  I could hear the cruise ships blow their horns every day.  I lived in paradise but wasn’t enjoying it.  I had moved from Cleveland, Ohio to the Caribbean to live an island life, but spent very little time on the beach or water.  I think I spent more time sailing and scuba diving back in Ohio on Lake Erie than I did in the Caribbean Sea.

On the weekends I started a small venture called Virgin Island Saver which is a destination deal guide for visitors staying on St. Thomas and St. John.  While putting the guide together I met tour operators, boat captains, scuba outfitters, paddleboard instructors, tiki bar owners and many others who’s “office” was the beach or ocean and whose customers were tourists and travelers.

And finding that I can’t get enough of the wind, waves and water, I’ve been performing beach weddings in St. Thomas and St. John.  If you’re are looking to get married or have a vow renewal, I’m happy to help – St. Thomas Wedding Officiant.

So inspired was I that I cast off the shackles of the cubicle and started the most exciting adventure of my life.  I can’t wait to to take you on a memorable excursion.

About Us St. Thomas Cruise Excursions and Tours

This is a family business…although it will be a few years before my daughter can start leading tours…

-Island Mike