Best Activities for Families to Do in St. Thomas

New St. Thomas Tours Offer Activities for All Ages in the Virgin Islands

If you are looking for things to do in St. Thomas and you have kids under the age of 18, you now have several options.

If you arrive on St. Thomas from a cruise ship, or if you are staying at a hotel or villa, these tours are quick to get to, affordable and a great way to spend a day in St. Thomas.

1.            Shore Fishing at the Pier

Fishing and Things to do in St. Thomas and St. Thomas Family Activities for Children
Family Fun While Fishing in St. Thomas

For Ages 5 and Up

Adults: $25

Children (5-18): $20

This is a great way for the kids to experience saltwater fishing and fish for both small and big game.  A guide will assist the kids with casting, baiting the hook and removing fish when they hook one.  Absolutely no experience is necessary.  Fishing is done right from shore and kids can either kick their legs over the side of the pier or sit in a chair with their line in the water.


2.            Island Bike Tour to the Beach

For Ages 12 and Up

Adults: $25

Children (12-18): $20

A Great Family Activity in St. Thomas Looking for Fun Things to Do
Cruising the St. Thomas Waterfront on Bikes


See St. Thomas from the seat of a beach cruiser bike.  Enjoy this almost entirely flat waterfront bike ride.  Visit famous historical landmarks,  go to places few tourists are able and take an approximately 15 minute bike ride to one of St. Thomas’ beautiful beaches – Lindbergh Bay!

A map is provided with landmarks, restaurants and sights marked throughout.  Almost the entire bike ride is on a large sidewalk.  Also, crosswalks are plentiful to walk the bike across any busy streets.  Kids bikes for all sizes are available along with helmets.


3.             Historic Walking Tour in Charlotte Amalie

For All Ages (not stroller or wheelchair accessible)

family friendly st. thomas walking tour in historic charlotte amalie
Learn About the Life of Pirates and Slaves in St. Thomas

Adults: $25

Children (up to 18): $10

Kids will enjoy stories of pirates and battles that make up much of the history of St. Thomas.  The walking is relatively easy and most school-age children will have no problem walking the tour path.  There are plenty of opportunities to take photographs and have children engage with the buildings and monuments on the tour.

As a general rule (based on tour experience), children under the age of 5 may difficulty with the length of the tour and might need to be carried at times.

4.            All-Inclusive Family Beach Day

Adults: $85

Children (5-18): $65

The Best Thing to Do on St. Thomas for Families looking for Fun Activities
A Beach Day is Family Fun for All Ages

The best value for families to enjoy the best that St. Thomas has to offer is an all-inclusive beach bbq.  All food, drinks, snacks, etc. are included.  Kids have their choice of different snacks and drinks along with a lunch of hamburgers and hotdogs.

But the real fun is the beach!  Children of all ages get to play in the sand and surf at one of St. Thomas’ beautiful beaches.  All manner of floating mats & inner tubes are available.  Footballs, floating balls, sand castle molds and more are ready for kids to take over the beach.



5.            Night Fishing

Adults: $89

Children (12-18): $69

Night Fishing is a Great Family Activity for Families Looking for Exciting Things to Do in St. Thomas
A Night of Fishing in St. Thomas

This is an opportunity for the kids to stay up late and enjoy a night on a St. Thomas beach fishing.  A fantastic family activity with the potential for real excitement as they fish for shark, tarpon, snapper and other sea monsters.  The tour ends before 10 pm and is a unique experience that they are sure to want to tell their friends about when they get home.

This St. Thomas fishing tour is suitable for all levels of experience.  A guide will do all the casting, baiting and detangling if necessary.  But kids often love wading out into the warm waters to cast their own bait.

6.             A Vow Renewal and/or Family Photo Shoot

Starting at: $195

With Photography: $470

I know it might not be the greatest adventure ever, but what if you decided to renew your wedding vows and had the kids join in the ceremony?  If your kids are teenagers I’m sure they would roll their eyes at the thought of it.  But I’m sure they will warm to the idea of celebrating the love you have for each other and the family.

A simple vow renewal ceremony can happen anytime and anywhere.  Call your friendly St. Thomas and St. John Officiant.  Add family photos and really freak your kids out!  Contact The MangoWorks.

Families with children visiting St. Thomas now have several new activities to choose from for kids of all ages.  And all of the tours are something that both parents and kids will love to do.

Book a St. Thomas Family Excursion Today, Your Children will Thank you For it!





Fishing in St. Thomas & St. John

If you are traveling to St. Thomas or St. John, don’t miss out on one of the most exciting activities in the Virgin Islands.  Big Game Fishing.

You don’t have to be an experienced fisherman to go hunting for some of the best game fish found anywhere in the world. Hook up with a 500 lb marlin, a 50 lb tarpon, shark or snapper.

Charter Boat Fishing

Arrive at the dock and climb aboard one of the many boat charters and you will speed to either the North or South Drop where the best action is. Most of the charter boats provide a worry-free day of fishing which includes drinks and snacks. You usually need to pack your own lunch.

Marlin Fishing in St. Thomas
Fishing for Marlin near St. Thomas

If you are on a marlin trip, it is a waiting game as you troll and wait for one of these monsters to attack the line. If you are fortunate enough to hook up with one, get ready for the fight of your fishing life. Our marlin can weigh up to 800 lbs! The best time to fish for marlin is May-October. Moon cycles affect marlin activity with a week before and a few days after being the most active marlin fishing.

Marlin isn’t the only game in town though. Mahi-mahi, yellowfin tuna and wahoo are also plentiful.

Fishing charters in St. Thomas and St. John offer many different trip options. All of the boats charge by the charter. Which means that it is a fixed rate for the charter regardless of the number of people fishing. Rates can range from $600 for a half day to $1400 for a full day. Most boats have a 6 passenger limit.

Inshore Fishing

St. Thomas Fishing Charter
St. Thomas Fishing Charter

For those not interested in the 20+ mile hike to the North Drop there are options closer to shore. Inshore fishing means you typically only have a short trek before getting lines in the water. Also, there is the benefit of getting to see the beauty of St. Thomas and St. John from the water.

There are a few charter boats that offer inshore fishing. The rates are similar to the deep sea fishing charters but you get to spend more time fishing when staying inshore.



St. Thomas Kayak Fishing
Inshore Kayak Fishing in St. Thomas

Another option other than chartering a fishing boat is kayak fishing. Kayak fishing is one of the newest and most exciting developments to happen to fishing in a long time.

A properly outfitted kayak has a fish finder, rod holders, trolling rods and side mounted cameras to film footage of your big catch!  A kayak allows fisherman to access spots where the big fish hang out and where boats can’t reach.  It is also one of the most thrilling ways to hook on with a fish, just inches from the water.

St. Thomas now offers kayak fishing for both seasoned and novice fisherman alike.  Kayak fishing tours are usually limited to groups no bigger than 2 or 3 fisherman.  Rates start at $175 and most tours last 4-5 hours.

If you are in St. John, go flyfishing for bonefish.  Bonefish, pound for pound, are one of the strongest and most aggressive fish to catch.

Staying close to shore does not mean big fish aren’t nearby.  You target fish that can weigh 80+lbs including: barracuda, snapper, yellowtail, tarpon and kingfish.

Shore Fishing

Surrounding the Virgin Islands are some of the most explosive fish in the world and are within reach for both young and old, the experienced and newbies alike!  Keep your toes in the sand and have a line in the water…and for a fraction of the cost of other options.

Fishing from one of St. Thomas’ beautiful beaches can yield some serious game fish.  Tarpon, shark, barracuda and snapper are just a cast away from the shore.  Try a night fishing tour for the best chance at some of these big fish.  For a 3 hour tour that includes all bait and tackle along with drinks costs $89.

For the simplest and most affordable fishing option, there is a waterfront fishing excursion that is for 2 hours.  Great for children of all ages, cast a line into the waters of Charlotte Amalie Harbor and take a shot at over a dozen fish species.  Adults cost $25 and children $20.

There are so many things to do in St. Thomas and St. John that it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the options.  But if you have traveled all the way to the Virgin Islands you should try one of the most leisurely yet thrilling activities the islands have to offer.  Fishing in St. Thomas and St. John is something all ages can try and promises to be a memorable vacation experience.

St. Thomas Bike Rental Tour

Tour Historic Downtown Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, USVI and then Bike to the Beach


Duration: All Day

[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

Price: $25


Are You Looking for Fun Things to Do in St. Thomas?

bike rental tour includes a bike to the beach
Bike to One of the Prettiest Beaches on St. Thomas!

Why not take a leisurely ride along the waterfront of the Charlotte Amalie Harbor.  Explore historic Frenchtown and find the tip of land that used to connect St. Thomas to Hassel Island on this self-guided bike tour of St. Thomas.

See the sights including the 99 Steps, Fort Christian, 7 Arches Museum. Go shopping in the finest shopping district in the Caribbean. And stop at an excellent downtown restaurant like Big Kahuna or Greengos for lunch.

Afterwards, ride your Bike to the Beach! Lindbergh beach, with its white sand and crystal clear water, is only a 15-20 minute bike ride away. No need to wait in lines or pile into a cramped taxi. Simply pedal away to one of the most beautiful beaches on St. Thomas. Lindbergh Beach has tons of amenities including a restaurant, 2 bars, bathrooms and showers. There are also jetskis, kayaks and more for rent.

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Your Bike Rental Includes –

All day rental of a beach cruiser bike and combination lock.

A map is provided with landmarks in and around this historic part of St. Thomas as well as directions to the beach. The map also notes several locations where it is convenient to park the bike if you want to eat, drink or shop.

What to Expect with Your Bike Rental –

We are located near the Havensight Cruise Ship Dock. If your cruise ship arrives at the Havensight or West Indian Company (WICO) dock in Charlotte Amalie Harbor, we are a short 2 minute walk from the dock.

If your cruise ship arrives at the Crown Bay dock, you will need to get transportation to Port of Sale Mall (a 10 minute taxi ride).

The map provided will lead you along waterfront and harbor to downtown Charlotte Amalie. Here you can stop and see the sights, do a little shopping, or have a drink or lunch at one of the many restaurants and cafes. From there, you can continue on and explore historic Frenchtown. For those who want a longer ride, you can continue on to beautiful Lindbergh Beach and spend a few hours enjoying this white sand beach. Bathrooms, restaurants and water sports equipment rentals are available.

After you have finished exploring St. Thomas, bring the bike back. Bikes must be returned by 5pm.

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More About the Historic Downtown Charlotte Amalie Self-Guided Tour and Bike Rental –

There are some great landmarks you can ride the bike to in town.  Aside from the beautiful waterfront, you can ride into Emancipation Gardens, where Charles Lindbergh gave a speech and where slavery was abolished in St. Thomas.  A short ride up a paved path and you arrive at Fort Christian, one of the centuries old monuments of this historic little island.

Kongens Gade, aka Government Hill, is reached by heading up a short and tough little hill.  No shame in walking the bike up the hill for a couple hundred feet.  At the top are some must-see landmarks including 99 Steps, Hotel 1829, the Lutheran Parsonage & Government House.  From there it is a fairly sharp downhill ride to Roosevelt Park.

If you ride your bike through Charlotte Amalie along the waterfront, you will quickly arrive at the entrance to Frenchtown.  Frenchtown has some cute shops, quaint restaurants and period architecture.  A small museum is worth a look and you can pedal the bike to the tip of Frenchtown which presents stunning views of Hassel Island and Water Island.

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Biking to the Beach –

The ride from the Havensight/WICO cruise ship dock to the beach is approximately 3.5 miles. At a slow pace, (but without stopping to sight see), the ride takes approximately 25 minutes. At a medium pace, you can reach the beach in 20 minutes. The intense rider can make it in 15 minutes.

The ride is flat from the Havensight/WICO dock all the way to Frenchtown. If you continue to the beach, the route has a slight incline for about 500 feet. You won’t notice it on the way there, but you may notice it on the way back…and if you want to walk the bike over that stretch on your return trip, I won’t say a word!

The route is almost a straight line from the cruise ship dock to the beach except for two small turns.  The first turn off the main road is so that riders can stay on the sidewalk the entire way.  The 2nd turn is from the main road towards the airport where the beach awaits!

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Why Should You Book the St. Thomas Bike to the Beach (and Downtown) Tour?

St. Thomas is not generally known as a biker friendly island.  Most of St. Thomas is hilly, far too hilly for even the most seasoned bike riders.  Yet there are some great opportunities to explore historical sites, towns and fabulous beaches that can only be done by those on a bike.  So, get away from the typical tourist traps and see a vibrant side of St. Thomas.  A St. Thomas that few get to see.

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St. Thomas Night Shore Fishing Tour

St. Thomas Night Fishing (from Shore) Has Never Been More Exciting!


Duration: 4 hours



Price: $89 per person


A Highly Rated Thing to Do in St. Thomas is Shore Fishing at Night
Whether Big or Small, You Will Have a Blast Night Fishing in St. Thomas!

An evening shore fishing excursion is the easiest and most affordable way to get a line in the water and enjoy some incredible night fishing in St. Thomas.  Tarpon, barracuda, bonefish, snapper, shark and others are within our casting range on any given night.

This pleasant and relaxing night of shore fishing is for all ages and fishing levels. Our night of fishing begins just before sundown and lasts for 4 hours during the prime feeding time for fish. As darkness descends we attach small bells to the tip of each fishing pole and hopefully hear their jingle over and over – and over again. There is nothing more thrilling than the having the sounds of the Caribbean Sea being interrupted by a ringing bell.

The St. Thomas Night Fishing Tour Includes –

  • all fishing gear and tackle
  • cut bait
  • chairs
  • fishing pole holders
  • flashlights
  • water and soft drinks (beer upon request)

Transportation is not included but can be arranged. All St. Thomas shore fishing locations are within 15 minutes of most resorts and convenient for taxis or rental cars.

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What to Expect When Night Shore Fishing –

If you Don't Know What to Do in St. Thomas, Try Shore Fishing
A St. Thomas Shore Fishing Experience Like No Other

Depending on beach, surf and fishing conditions in St. Thomas, the shore location is subject to change.  The default beach is Magens Bay.  If you have a rental car, please either consult with the hotel concierge for exact directions or call us.  If you are staying at a villa please contact us and we will provide turn by turn directions to the beach.

If you are staying at a resort and not renting a car, make sure the taxi driver knows to pick you back up at the beach at about 10:00 pm.

When you arrive at the shore fishing location, your guide will already have everything set up and ready to go.  After a short introduction on the finer details of surf fishing, lines will be cast.  We like to have the lines in the water by 6 pm, so try to arrive 15 minutes early.

The sun goes down in St. Thomas during the 6 o’clock hour with only the stars and moon for light thereafter, but there are plenty of head lamps, flashlights and lanterns on hand if needed.

When casting, the best practice is to wade out into the surf to your waist and cast.  If you don’t feel like getting wet you can either cast from shore or have your guide cast for you.  Various cut baits are used and your guide is happy to bait your hook if you want to just sit, relax and wait for the fish to bite.

Each person gets a fishing rod, a chair and a sand spike to hold their rod.  Most beach fishing locations have restrooms if necessary.   A cooler of beer and water is provided.  If you plan on having more than 3 beers, feel free to bring more!

If you or your group is searching for things to do on St. Thomas, this night fishing tour might be what you are looking for.  We take out couples, fishing novices, wedding parties, families & avid anglers.  This St. Thomas fishing tour is one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy an evening under the stars while also fishing for some of the monsters of the deep.

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Night Fishing from shore in the Caribbean Sea or Atlantic Ocean (the waters on the Northside of the Island are the Atlantic Ocean and the waters on the Southside are the Caribbean Sea) offers incredible excitement and variety.  Magens Bay on the Northside is a sheltered bay with typically calm waters.  Wading out past your waist is easy and typically means you get your bait out 50-75 feet further than if casting from shore.  Lindbergh Bay, on the Southside of the Island, can get rough on occasion, but it has been the host of some great nights of shore fishing.

We use 7 and 8 foot rods with moderately strong tackle.  All of our fishing rods are spin cast.  If you have your own fishing gear, please feel free to bring it!  Also, if you absolutely must and want to use some topwater fishing lures, we have an assortment available.

We practice catch and release, but if you are staying on-island and are dying to cook up your fish, you are free to take it with you but aren’t permitted to clean the fish at the beach.  Also, there are fishing seasons and size restrictions for some fish, so keeping your catch may not be permitted if it violates any of the local fishing regulations.

To date, our night fishermen have routinely caught bonefish, snapper, lemon shark & barracuda from shore.  We typically stick to one spot on the beach, but anglers are free to move along the shore if they like.  This is not highly-skilled fishing, but it can be some of the most exciting.  This is fishing where we get the bait out there and wait.  But the waiting is the best part as it’s just a prelude to some great shore fishing action!

Come catch some fish with us!


St. Thomas Kayak & Snorkeling Adventure Tour


Duration: 3.5 hours

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Price: $95


This St. Thomas Adventure Tour Combines Kayaking, Snorkeling, Hiking & History

If you are an adventurer looking for things to do in St. Thomas, look no further. This is a truly unique kayaking experience on St. Thomas.

st. thomas kayak and snorkel adventure excursion
Kayak and Snorkel Tour through a Remote Part of St. Thomas


  • Kayak in the most remote waters on St. Thomas
  • Walk & explore unspoiled and secret slave-era ruins that are centuries old
  • Snorkel and see beautiful underwater landscapes seldom seen by humans

*This tour is recommended for the physically fit and those over the age of 16. Shoes or rugged-soled sandals required.

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The Kayak & Snorkel Tour Includes –

Guided 3.5 hour kayak tour. The entire kayak excursion lasts 3.5 hours

All gear – kayak, life jacket/snorkel vest, snorkel, mask, and fins will be provided.

Light snacks and water. Feel free to bring additional snacks and beverages.

Transportation is not included but I am happy to arrange pick up and drop off service for you. Brewers beach – where we launch – is a 30 minutes or less drive from most locations on island.

What to Expect on Your St. Thomas Kayak Adventure Tour –

We will begin our kayak and snorkeling excursion at Brewers Bay (just past the airport) where we launch our ocean kayaks and paddle west along the pristine and untouched southwest shore of St. Thomas.

This is a true adventure tour which means we are leaving the jewelry and souvenir shops of bustling St. Thomas far behind. We will paddle our kayaks along rock cliffs, beautiful rock faces and over coral heads that are only a few feet below the water. The water is a lovely green and some of the clearest on St. Thomas. Our destination will be Perseverance Bay, the only completely undeveloped estate on the island. We will pull our kayaks up on its rocky bank and head inland on an approximately 40-minute hike.

Our hike will take us into the richest and most virgin fauna on St. Thomas. As we head inland on this almost entirely flat hike we may see all manner of wildlife- ducks, land crabs, hermit crabs, fiddler crabs, various bird species unique to the island and white-tail deer.

st. thomas kayak and snorkeling adventure tour
Explore Centuries Old St. Thomas Sugar Mill Ruins on Your Hike

After hiking in-land for a short while we will come upon a stunning and eerily beautiful sight. Springing up from the ground are the ruins of a slave-era sugar mill. Over the many decades since it was abandoned, the forest has slowly reclaimed parts of it, but much of it remains. The sugar mill is a historic masterpiece which has been completely forgotten by the people of St. Thomas.  We will explore much of the ruins and there will be many opportunities to take pictures.

After hiking back to our kayaks, we will paddle a short distance to a small inlet where we will beach our kayaks. We will dive into the clear Caribbean water and go snorkeling on some seldom seen coral formations. After snorkeling we will take a water and snack break before we begin our journey back to Brewers Bay.

Make sure this tour is on your list of things to do while you’re here in St. Thomas and experience the only true kayak and snorkeling adventure tour on St. Thomas!

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Hiking into the Unknown St. Thomas

Our first stop after kayaking out west is a coral-lined shore in Perseverance Bay.  A 10-minute walk along the coral shore (this is the main reason why rugged sandals or shoes are required) and we then head into the woods.

Most tours in St. Thomas take you to places that are well worn and over exposed to hundreds and hundreds of tourists every week.  This adventure tour is not such a tour.  When we head inland we walk a path that no more than a few dozen or so walk in a month.  The trail on this tour is known only to a few locals.  The trail is barely marked, and sometimes, after a big rain, I have lost sight of the path!

The hiking is by far the most leisurely part of this kayak/snorkeling adventure tour.  The hike is entirely flat and will not pose a challenge.  There are occasionally large spiders, called golden orbs which obstruct our path, but because I’m leading the group, they typically fall on me.

After about 15 minutes of hiking we arrive at the ruins.  I feel like Indiana Jones every time I see them.  They have to be seen to be appreciated.  We spend as much time as you want exploring the ruins before heading back to the kayaks.  Little is known about the ruins, in fact, no records of the demise of the sugar mill plantation are known to exist.  This is the most mysterious and undocumented site on St. Thomas.

The ruins are a great location for picture taking.  Due to the rugged location of the ruins and their age, extreme caution must be used while exploring the ruins as its easy to lose footing.

What You’ll See While Snorkeling

After beaching our kayaks on a rocky shore, we will don snorkel vests, masks and snorkels and head into the clear green water.  Almost immediately off shore are some great snorkeling opportunities.  Instead of reefs, most of the snorkeling sights are small coral beds growing on boulders.  Sea urchins, conch, sea fans, elkhorn coral, all sorts of anemone and plenty of reef fish.

A short swim takes us to larger rock formations which are incredible to see underwater.  If you have an underwater camera, this is the place to use it.  What makes this snorkeling experience especially unique is that the waters are pristine and still unspoiled by heavy traffic.

St. Thomas water is perfect for snorkeling not only because it is clear but it stays in the high 70s to low 80s range.  No wetsuit is provided and is not typically needed.  If you would like a wetsuit, please notify us a week before your adventure tour so that we can have one available for you.

If this is your first time snorkeling or if you have limited snorkeling experience, please let your guide know in advance so that he or she may give you proper instruction.  Snorkel vests are required to be worn at all times during our swim.

Open Water Kayaking is Thrilling

We never venture more than a few hundred yards from shore while kayaking but the waters we are kayaking in are not sheltered from deep water currents.  If the wind kicks up, the kayaking can get a little rough.  That is one of the reasons life jackets must be worn at all times.  This is also the reason why this tour is only for the true adventurer.

And I promise, that on a rough day, you will have earned your stripes on this adventure tour and will have also earned a stiff rum drink at your resort or ship.

Aside from the challenging kayaking, the best part about being in these waters are the incredible views.  We will paddle past beautiful rock faces, see distant islands and cross above incredible coral just feet below our kayaks.  No other kayak adventure tour on St. Thomas will bring you so close to the unaltered beauty of the island and its waters.

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St. Thomas Kayak Fishing

Duration: 4-5 hours

Price: $175

A St. Thomas Kayak Fishing Tour is a Great Thing to do on St. Thomas
A Day of Fun & Catching Fish in St. Thomas

A morning or night kayak fishing excursion in St. Thomas is the ultimate sport fishing adventure.

Fishing in St. Thomas is not just about charter boats anymore.

In small groups or private tours, you will be equipped with a kayak ready for big game fishing inshore.

One of the beauties of a kayak fishing excursion is the kayak’s ability to access lagoons, cays and inlets that boats and shore fisherman can’t. And we will be fishing those areas for some big fish.

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Kayak Fishing in St. Thomas is One of the Best Things to Do in St. Thomas
Kayak Fishing in St. Thomas at Sunrise


Arrive at the launch area (for morning fishing we typically meet at 4 am, for night fishing we meet at 5 pm although times are flexible) where your fishing kayak will be outfitted and a brief introduction given.

We will launch the kayaks and begin paddling to several different fishing hot spots. While paddling we will be trolling with lines in the water.  Depending on weather and water conditions we will be fishing for any of the following fish: tarpon, snapper, barracuda, kingfish and many more.


Each fishing kayak is equipped with 3-4 rods, 1-2 rods for trolling while we paddle from spot to spot.  The additional rods are rigged and ready to go so that as little time as possible is wasted on changing tackle when we are anchored or drifting.

A tackle box and bait box are included which includes cut bait and various lures and terminal tackle.

We will be fishing in water between 20-60 feet deep. Each kayak has an anchor. The kayaks fleet is made up of kayaks between 13-16 foot which makes for a very steady and stable ride for 1-2 anglers.


The tour lasts approximately 5 hours.


This St. Thomas kayak fishing tour is for guests ages 13 and over and it is recommended guests have some level of physical fitness. Kayak fishing is for anglers of all skill levels.

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There are so many things to do in St. Thomas, but this tour is sure to thrill and leave you with wonderful memories of your St. Thomas vacation.

St. Thomas Historic Walking Tour

Duration: 1.5

Hours Price: $25


st. thomas historic walking tour is best thing to do in st. thomas
A Historic Walk Back to the 1600’s in St. Thomas

On this historic walking tour in Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas, you will travel back in time over 350 years to the last days of the Carib Indians, the beginnings of exploration and the age of pirates. Learn how this fledgling Danish colony went from being a den of thieves to an international shipping port to an important US possession.


See and explore centuries old churches and military structures that help tell the story of the island’s rich history. St. Thomas at different times during its history was a refuge for pirates, a crucial strategic military location and a playground for the rich and famous.


While walking the streets of Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas you will see examples of Danish colonial architecture, beautiful cobblestone streets and world famous step-streets, alley ways and famous landmarks that make this island one of the historic jewels of the Caribbean.

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What to Expect on Your Historic Walking Tour

st. thomas walking tour in historic charlotte amalie
Learn About the Life of Pirates and Slaves in St. Thomas

The walking tour begins at Fort Christian and heads through Government Hill.  After passing through a residential district the tour explores the old commercial district and ends in the now main shopping area.

Approximately 30 stairs are climbed in one section but otherwise the route is relatively flat.  Walking shoes are recommended but not required.  Many of our guests are comfortable wearing sandals or flip flops. Sunscreen is recommended!

The St. Thomas Historic Walking Tour lasts approximately 90 minutes and is appropriate for children ages 6 and up.

If you want to know what there is to see and do in St. Thomas, this is the tour for you.


St. Thomas Cruise Ship Shore Fishing Excursion

Duration: 2 hours

Price: $25

 St. Thomas Shore Fishing right on the Waterfront in Downtown Charlotte Amalie!

st. thomas things to do for families on cruise ship excursion
Great for Families and Experienced & Novice Anglers Alike

This St. Thomas excursion is uniquely tailored for cruise ship passengers, but we welcome on-island guests too!  Enjoy a leisurely day on the Caribbean waterfront fishing for a couple hours. The Charlotte Amalie harbor in downtown St. Thomas is the perfect spot to throw a line in the water.

Grab a chair or dangle your legs over the side of the harbor while fishing for tarpon, bonefish, snook, snapper, barracuda and shark*.

All fishing tackle and bait is provided. Water and beer is available for purchase.

It is easy to access and easy to find our fishing spot on the waterfront. It is a short walk or taxi ride from the cruise ship dock. We are located right on the waterfront across from Big Kahuna Rum Shack Restaurant.

Get to experience St. Thomas like a true local on this memorable and relaxing cruise ship excursion!

*All fish are catch and release, although we make sure you have amble time to take pictures of your big catch!

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Things for Kids to Do in St. Thomas includes a Cruise Ship Shore Fishing Excursion
One of Our Professional Anglers

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If your cruise ship is docked at the Havensight/WICO dock, you are about a 15 minute walk or 5-minute taxi ride from our waterfront location.  If your cruise ship is docked at Crown Bay, it is about a 30-minute walk.  By taxi  it takes 10 minutes.

We are going to be located on the waterfront between the Windward Passage Hotel and Big Kahuna Rum Shack depending on fishing conditions.  Both locations are within a short distance of each other on the waterfront.

When you arrive on the waterfront in downtown Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas a guide will meet you and go over some basic and general guidelines for your fishing excursion.  Everyone will also receive a short tutorial on how to bait the hook and cast their fishing rod.

You are free to move up and down the beautiful and historic waterfront to find your perfect fishing spot.  Each angler will be given a spin reel and rod and a lounge chair.

*All fish are catch and release, so please let us assist you getting the fish off the hook after you catch it.  The waterfront is also a pedestrian walk way so we do ask that you be aware of your surroundings and use caution when casting your line.  Afterwards, just drop your rod and left over bait back with the guide and you are all set!

This cruise ship excursion is the simplest and easiest way to enjoy some great fishing in St. Thomas!

The St. Thomas Shore Fishing Excursion lasts for 2 hours.  If you would like to fish longer the rate is $10 for each additional hour.

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Experienced cruise ship passengers looking for different and new things to do in St. Thomas will love this tour.

The Ultimate St. Thomas Cruise Ship Beach Excursion


St. Thomas All-Inclusive Beach Day Cruise Ship Excursion is The Ultimate Thing to Do on St. Thomas
Hear the sizzle…

Duration: 4 hours

Price: $85

The St. Thomas, All-Inclusive, Ultimate Beach BBQ!

By far this is the most popular and best value of any beach excursions on St. Thomas.

Spend your day on one of St. Thomas’  beautiful beaches. A taxi will pick you up at the cruise ship dock shortly after you arrive to port in St. Thomas and take you to one of St. Thomas’ beautiful beaches (beach is subject to change based on beach and water conditions). When you arrive you will have everything you could possibly need to have a perfect day in paradise.

Our St. Thomas beaches have plenty of shady and sunny spots. The sand is always super fine and you will have amazing views.

This is the thing to do on St. Thomas if you are looking for a day to remember on your cruise ship beach excursion!

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What to Do on St. Thomas? Try the All-Inclusive St. Thomas Beach Day Cruise Ship Excursion
A Perfect St. Thomas Beach Excursion

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Included in St. Thomas Beach Excursion:

-Transportation                                 -Adult and Kids Beach Toys
-Beach admission                              -Sit on Top Kayaks
-Floating Mats                                    -Water, soft drinks
-Beach Chairs                                      -Rum (beer and wine are sold for $3-4 on the beach)
-Snorkel Gear

While not included, a great add-on to a beach excursion is some family photos with The MangoWorks!

-Lunch to include: hamburgers and hotdogs, condiments, fixings and spreads, cookies, chips and various snacks

What you need to bring:
-bathing suit


You and your group will be picked up right at the cruise ship dock.  A driver will be waiting for you where you will be loaded up on a taxi and whisked away to an amazing beach (beach location based on weather and water conditions) where a guide will meet you.  After a quick introduction, you will be free to take advantage of all of the tour amenities and toys.

If at any time during the day you need anything, a guide will be there to help.  Enjoy snorkeling, sunbathing, beach toys and everything else you could possibly need on your beach day.  Make sure to ask your guide to take a group or family picture.

Around 12:30 pm lunch will be served.  Lunch is grilled perfection, and it is all you can eat and drink!  Feel free to indulge in our incredibly delicious locally distilled rum, Cruzan.  We offer fruit punch, coke, diet-coke and sprite as mixers for your rum drink.

We have tandem, sit a top kayaks for those wishing to go cruising the bay.  No experience is necessary to take out a kayak, but all children must be accompanied by an adult.  Life-vests must be worn by all riders while out on the water.  Heading out into the bay on a kayak is a great way to spend part of your day at the beach.

When this St. Thomas Beach Excursion winds down you will be led to a taxi and dropped right back off at your cruise ship.

Truly, this beach tour is the only way to experience St. Thomas!

Max Group Size: 25

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Check out this St. Thomas Beach Guide which details all the beaches in St. Thomas.